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Ionian Yacht Charters



Athens or Akiton

Greek (English widely spoken)

€3 a pint

The shimmering, mystical Aegean sea has been calling to sailors for thousands of years. An intriguing history surrounds this sun-baked region of outstanding natural beauty.

With crystal clear waters at your feet and all the tzatziki you could eat; dare to indulge. From sheltered bays to secluded coves, ancient architecture and remarkable history, Greece is the ideal all-rounder.


With over 6000 islands to explore, there are multiple routes to choose from. You decide between the Saronic, Ionian, Cyclades Islands. Explore what each has to offer below.


Why the Ionian?

Avoid the crowds on this quieter route.


Cavernous caves like nowhere else in Greece.


Gentle breezes and calm seas make for a great introduction to the world of sailing.


Hidden coves, a luscious green coastline and breathtaking beaches.


Experience some of the finest food the Mediterranean has to offer.


Classical whitewashed Greek architecture.

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Ionian Route


Day 1 - Meganisi

Once you’re on-board, we’ll head straight for a swim in the iridescent blue waters of Varko bay before heading to Meganisi island where you’ll have the choice of a number of private bays to settle in for the night.


Day 2 - Sivota

After a morning of exploring caves both big and small on the island of Meganisi head over to the stunning harbour of Sivota where you can settle down for some delicious Greek delicacies.


Day 3 - Kefalonia

Fiscado is a beautiful town both day and night. It hosts some of the world's most brilliant beaches so get exploring by foot. Explore, swim and sunbathe the day away, your boat is already in port!


Day 4 - Ithaca

Explore the beautiful bay of Pera Pigadi in the morning and swim in the crystal clear waters before visiting the impressive ancient amphitheater of Kioni. A true slice of Greek history.


Day 5 - Kalamos Port

A true gem of the Ionian, a small fishing village of which is very rare to find today. Use your few words of Greek and the locals will treat you like one of their own. Dine is one of the few taverna’s littered around the waterfront.


Day 6 - Ampelaki Bay

Explore the mountainous tip of Kalamos Island, and even hike up it if you’re feeling a little adventurous. Time to find your own secluded cove to spend your last night out at sea and light a fire under the stars.


Day 7 - Lefkada

Back to the marina we go, but not before spending your final day swimming in various bays. One last cliff jump? Why not… A final dinner back in town before we say our goodbyes

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