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Athens or Akiton

Greek (English widely spoken)

€3 a pint

The shimmering, mystical Aegean sea has been calling to sailors for thousands of years. An intriguing history surrounds this sun-baked region of outstanding natural beauty.

With crystal clear waters at your feet and all the tzatziki you could eat; dare to indulge. From sheltered bays to secluded coves, ancient architecture and remarkable history, Greece is the ideal all-rounder.


With over 6000 islands to explore, there are multiple routes to choose from. You decide between the Saronic, Ionian, Cyclades Islands. Explore what each has to offer below.


Why the Cyclades?

Typical whitewashed Greek architecture embedded in a dramatic arid landscape.


A true sense of adventure, long distances and stronger winds make for a genuine sailing experience.


Visit one of the most remarkable coastlines in the world once you reach Milos.


Experience some of the finest food the Mediterranean has to offer.


Covering larger distances means you get to see a real chunk of the vast Greek archipelago.

Greece - colour.png

Cyclades Route


Day 1 - Athens

Arrive in a Capital steeped in history. Explore the historic Acropolis before a sunset sail towards the Temple of Poseidon. Have dinner at a fish restaurant with its tables in the sand. The water lapping at your toes.


Day 2 - Kythnos

Explore the quaint little town of Loutra before spending the night at the picturesque Koloba beach; A strip of sand that extends across the bay splitting it in half, creating a stunning beach with the ocean lapping at each side.


Day 3 - Serifos

Spend the morning relaxing at the beautiful Vagia beach before heading out for dinner in the stunning hillside town of Chora. Its a real hike up there so we recommend getting a taxi to the top!


Day 4 - Milos

Arrive early at the lovely town of Adamantas. Rent quad bikes to explore the moonlike beaches and bays of Milos. There is nowhere in the world quite like it. Climb up to the hillside village of Plaka for dinner with a view.


Day 5 - Kleftiko, Milos

After exploring the lovely town in the morning, spend the evening under the stars, tied to the bottom of a cliff and explore the amazing caves and arches of the unique Kleftiko.


Day 6 - Hydra

After a sunrise sail across the Aegean. Explore the beautiful town of Hydra, an island without cars. You’ll be getting around by Donkey if you want to truly explore! Settle for sundowners for one of the many cliffside bars.

Image by Febiyan

Day 7 - Athens

A day of exploring the various beaches of Aegina before back to Athens for a final dinner. It's never goodbye but always see you later!

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