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Aeolian Islands/Amalfi Coast/Sardinia

Italy is surrounded by one of the most dramatic coastlines in Europe. Coupled with its deep Roman past it makes for an exceptional cruising destination.

Choose Sardinia for its chic and classy residents, simply stunning scenery, and its gastronomic delights. The island is known for its legendary Costa Smeralda or the “Emerald Coast” but is also full of other places to discover that truly make Sardinia a sailing paradise.

Or sail the Aeolian islands, off the coast of Sicily, for a collection of dramatic islands and dormant volcanoes that rise theatrically from the sea. Set a course for Stromboli and marvel at the scale and lava-spewing force of Europe’s second-largest active volcano.

Choose the famous Almalfi coast for sheer cliffs complemented by a rugged shoreline dotted with small beaches ideal for exploring. 

Aeolian Islands

Why Sardinia?

Sardinia is right in the middle of the Mediterranean, but sailing around it can sometimes feel like you're in the Caribbean.

Outstanding white sandy beaches surrounded by emerald blue seas


Undeveloped coastlines with rugged cliffs and lush vegetation.

Culinary delights like nowhere else in the world!


Rub shoulders with the rich and famous on the Costa Smeralda (The Emerald Coast)


Spend a night on the beatiful isalnd of Corsica, France

Steady winds make for a great sailing experience.

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Sardinia Route

Image by Massimo Virgilio

Day 1 - Tavolara

All aboard! it's a short sail to one of the best-kept secrets in Sardinia, Tavolara! The island is free from hotels and tourists. The islands steep cliffs, marine park, and protected coves make it an ideal first stop  for your trip,


Day 2-Porto Cervo

On shore, you’ll discover a combination of glamour, culture, history, and natural beauty. Explore the pretty streets overflowing with designer shops and visit the church of Stella Maris, with its unusual architecture and excellent views. Porto Cervo is also known for its vibrant nightlife


Day 3 - Caprera

Guiseppe Garibaldi, the father of Italian independence, was born on Caprera. Moor in the wide natural harbour of Porto Palma or explore the many bays, coves and beaches of this spectacular island. 


Day 4 - Spiaggia Rosa

Budelli is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. The pink beaches of Spiaggia Rosa are world-renowned. The island is now heavily protected and uninhabited to ensure that this miracle of nature will be preserved for future generations. 

Image by Christian Thöni

Day 5 - Bonifacio

Hop over to the French island of Corsica and visit one of the most spectacular harbour entrances in the world, nestled between 2 cliffs, Bonifacio is not to be missed. A change of languae and culture for 24 hours!

Image by Tommy Krombacher

Day 6 - Maddalena

Famous for its picturesque beaches in the surrounding area, along with rocky granitic terrain and a small number of ancient forts. The town of Cala Gavetta is a must to explore with its beautiful terracotta-roofed homes and excellent restaurants

Image by Davide Baraldi

Day 7 - Olbia

Your trip ends in Olbia Town, which is beautiful and picturesque. You should walk around the historic centre and discover the boutiques, fine wine bars, cafes and pizza restaurants. The town is also home to the San Aimplicio basilica and historic squares to discover such as the Piazza Matteotti.

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