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Top 10 Island Golf Courses Around The Globe

Golf, often described as a game of precision, patience, and passion, finds its way to some of Earth's most picturesque and serene locations— islands. With their breathtaking landscapes, the islands provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable golfing experience. This article takes you on a journey to explore the best island golf courses around the globe, where lush greens meet cyanic waters, and every swing comes with a view.

1. Mahogany Run Golf Course, British Virgin Islands

Our journey begins as we set our sights on the British Virgin Islands, where Mahogany Run Golf Course unfolds its beauty. Nestled in the Caribbean, Mahogany Run offers a unique blend of tropical scenery and challenging play. Designed by George and Tom Fazio, the course's signature "Devil's Triangle" presents golfers with a thrilling yet demanding experience, surrounded by lush vegetation and breathtaking ocean views.

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2. Teeth of the Dog, Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic

Moving along the Caribbean, Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic unveils one of the most renowned island golf courses – Teeth of the Dog. Designed by Pete Dye, this course is aptly named for its challenging holes that bite back. Set against the backdrop of the Caribbean Sea, the course features seven holes hugging the coastline, providing golfers with not only a challenging round but also stunning views of the turquoise waters.

3. The Four Seasons Golf Club at Anahita, Mauritius

Heading to the Indian Ocean, we find ourselves on the tropical island of Mauritius. The Four Seasons Golf Club at Anahita beckons golf enthusiasts with its lush, tropical setting. Designed by Ernie Els, the course combines the beauty of the island with strategic challenges, making it a must-visit for golfers seeking an exotic and luxurious golfing experience. The layout takes full advantage of the island's topography, incorporating volcanic rock outcrops and expansive water features.

Mauritius Golf Course Exotic

4. Old Head Golf Links, County Cork, Ireland

Crossing the Atlantic, we land on the Emerald Isle to discover the Old Head Golf Links in County Cork. This course is a harmonious blend of rugged coastal cliffs and emerald fairways, offering golfers a unique and challenging experience. The course extends onto a narrow peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic, providing panoramic views that redefine the term "links golf." Each hole presents a different challenge, ensuring players are captivated by the game and the stunning surroundings.

5. Hamilton Island Golf Club, Queensland, Australia

Venturing down under, Hamilton Island Golf Club in Queensland, Australia, offers an unparalleled golfing experience in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Accessible only by boat, this 18-hole championship course is located on Dent Island and provides golfers with breathtaking views of the Whitsunday Islands. The challenging layout, combined with the surrounding natural beauty, makes every swing a memorable moment.

Australia island golf course

6. Cabot Links, Nova Scotia, Canada

Our journey takes us to the rugged shores of Nova Scotia, Canada, where Cabot Links has emerged as a top destination for golf enthusiasts. Built along the stunning coastline, this course offers a true links-style experience with undulating fairways and challenging greens. The panoramic views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence add an extra layer of beauty to the game, making Cabot Links a must-play for those seeking a unique island golf adventure.

7. Yas Links, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

From the chilly coasts of Canada, we jet off to the warm embrace of the Middle East, where Yas Links in Abu Dhabi stands as a testament to golfing excellence. This Kyle Phillips-designed course seamlessly blends with the natural landscape of mangroves and sand dunes, providing golfers with a challenging yet visually stunning experience. The coastal layout, with several holes offering views of the Arabian Gulf, adds a touch of luxury to this golfing oasis.

8. Thracian Cliffs Golf & Beach Resort, Bulgaria

As we continue our global golf tour, we make an unexpected stop on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, where Thracian Cliffs Golf & Beach Resort awaits. Designed by golf legend Gary Player, this cliffside course boasts dramatic views of the sea and the rugged coastline. The layout incorporates the natural terrain, creating a challenging yet rewarding experience for players. Thracian Cliffs stands as a hidden gem among island golf courses, offering a unique blend of history, nature, and golf.

9. The Els Club, Langkawi, Malaysia

Our journey takes a tropical turn as we set foot on the idyllic island of Langkawi in Malaysia, home to The Els Club Teluk Datai. Designed by Ernie Els, this course unfolds within the ancient rainforest, offering a golfing experience like no other. The stunning backdrop of the Mat Cincang mountain range and the Andaman Sea sets the stage for an immersive and challenging round. The Els Club stands as a testament to harmonising golf with the island's natural beauty.

10. Kauri Cliffs, North Island, New Zealand

Our final destination on this global golf odyssey brings us to the stunning landscapes of New Zealand's North Island, where Kauri Cliffs await. Set on a high ridge overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this course combines the beauty of the New Zealand countryside with a world-class golfing experience. Each hole offers panoramic views of the Cavalli Islands and the Matauri Bay, creating a sense of tranquillity that enhances the game.

New Zealand golf course

Tee Off In Paradise

Island golf courses offer more than just a round of golf; they provide an immersive experience where nature and sport converge. From the rugged cliffs of Ireland to the tropical paradise of Mauritius, each destination on our journey showcases the unique beauty and challenges that island golf courses bring to the game. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a casual enthusiast, these courses offer a chance to tee off in paradise, creating memories that extend beyond the final putt. So, pack your clubs, embark on a golfing adventure, and let the beauty of these island courses inspire your swing.

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