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Access to yachts all over the globe.


A straightforward, easy and personal booking process.


Fantastic boats and qualified captains, or your money back.

Are you a yacht owner?

Above Deck Clearing plays a vital role in making sure a charter yacht runs smoothly.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you.


Why do you need a clearing house?


Think of us as the helpful go-between for you (the owner), and the charter brokers.

Our main job is to keep your yacht's schedule organised, handle the charter paperwork, keep listings up to date, and take care of the charter funds. We also offer additional services, such as assistance with crew selection and retention, traditional marketing, digital marketing, social media strategy and advise on how best to compete in the market.


Transparency and professionalism

We offer charter clearing house services designed specifically for yacht owners who are seeking to place their vessel in commercial charter, wherever in the World that might be. What sets us apart is our distinctive approach in every aspect of our business, including the way we interact with the crew, guests, and yacht owners. Building strong relationships based on trust and respect with all stakeholders is something we take great pride in. This is exactly why our crews and yacht owners love working with us.


Industry knowledge

If you're considering entering the luxury charter yacht market, we offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure a smooth operation. We possess extensive knowledge and expertise and provide valuable guidance in the areas of: 

 - Expert crew placement -

- Marketing analysis and strategies -

- Competitive pricing and location selection -

- Charter calendar management -

- Thorough vetting of brokers and contract details -

- Marketing promotions -

- Professional photography and videos -

- Comprehensive accounting services -

- Extensive database of maintenance and repair facilities -


Marketing your boat

To help you secure as many bookings as possible, we will maintain an updated listing of your yacht on Central Yacht Agent (CYA), the primary platform for charter yacht brokers. This listing will include current photos, crew information, pricing, and more. We also communicate with the crew to gather feedback after charters and add client reviews to listings, making sure potential clients are well aware of the fantastic adventures that guests are having aboard your yacht.

We create bespoke brochures for your yacht, showcasing the amazing photos, features, crew, meals and everything that can be expected from being aboard. We also work very closely with a professional marketing agency to help market your vessel on social media, Google, and other online means, whilst also creating effective email campaigns for that direct promotion. The combination and mix of marketing techniques means we're able to market your boat to a huge range of potential clients, and brokers.


Broker collaboration

Charter yacht brokers are absolutely crucial for the success of your yacht in the charter market. These brokers are experts in booking crewed yacht charters for their clients and there are thousands of them worldwide. They run their own companies and websites, where they promote the yachts they recommend for charter. When clients reach out to them directly, they suggest the yachts that best suit their needs.


The most successful brokers have extensive knowledge about the charter industry and the yachts they work with. As brokers ourselves, we have access to a database where we can share information and updates about the yachts in our charter fleets. We can also keep you informed about any crew changes, special offers, or discounts. It's all part of our commitment to making the charter experience smooth and enjoyable for everyone involved.


Quality, boutique service

We deploy a very personal, hands-on approach to yacht charters to ensure our owner's peace of mind during the charter season. We're a small, boutique business that carefully handpicks our yachts, and owners, to make sure we build enjoyable, trusting, and fruitful partnerships. We're a team built out of previous yacht Captains and Chefs, and we know what an owner-manager relationship should look like.

Above Deck Clearing plays a vital role in making sure a charter yacht runs smoothly.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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